Explainer Videos & Video Ads


Unlike other mediums, recall rates of explainer videos are significantly higher because they get to customers on an emotional level.

Explainer videos,

  • Paint pictures in a much more comprehensive way than text can
  • Paint a picture of how a service or product works in the minds of viewers
  • They make the process of buying from you seamless, and those who use them see results faster.
  • They also help retain customers for longer periods of time.


Explainer videos are your best bet if you want to make more sales, want your customers to trust your product and service, buy from you, and recommend you to their network.

My process

Video concept & Brief

A brief description of the purpose and video style.

Script & Voice Over

Create the script that will guide the video creation and record voice-over if required.

Video Creation

Create the video using the already prepared script and voice-over where applicable.

Revision (Final Video)

Incorporate feedback and revisions to produce the final video.

Let’s tell your story together!

Video ads and explainer videos are like TV commercial breaks that make people pay attention to your business and offers. It grabs people on the street, at their computers, in their homes. It works for all kinds of businesses.

My goal is to communicate your message in the most vivid way possible and help you build your business using the amazing power of video ads & explainer videos for online marketing.

CONTACT ME NOW to discuss how to use explainer videos to achieve your marketing goals.

Recent work

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Cubby removes the clutter and frustration of paper and paperless bills and statements for customers so they can better manage their finances

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The campaign manager needed a professional video editor to edit campaign videos as well as add sounds and background music.

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