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Hey, author!

I’m sure you’ve opened your PC, punched the keys and searched “Why did my kindle book get rejected?”

That is a frustrating experience and will leave you drained after writing. The only solution is a professional Amazon kindle formatting service. That way you get time to work on other important things like marketing the book.

Whether your book is another masterpiece that will change the world or unite a discorded family, you will make little sales if your eBook is not properly formatted.

Don’t be the victim of poor formatting with your rich content trapped inside. 

My process


Provide your completed book/manuscript

Trim Size

Choose a preferred trim size (for print)

Book Formatting

I take care of the conversion after agreeing on a timeline.

Revision/Formatted Kindle & Print

The formatted eBook and print versions will be delivered to you and revisions implemented if there are any.

Why choose me for your Kindle eBook & Print formatting?

  • You enjoy a custom-made kindle formatting service.
  • A professional formatted ePub file that is readable across other platforms aside from Amazon.
  • Your readers enjoy the aesthetic style and readability while reading.
  • A professional print formatted book that won’t get rejected.
  • Increased sales.

I’m sure you are a smart author who will request a professional book formatting service while making out time to focus on other important tasks.

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